Key Features

  • Heavy Duty, square grooved design seat with unique “Center Lock” feature prevents seat movement during the
    unseating and seating of the disc.
  • All seats Peroxide Cured as standard to yield the best elastic properties and give enhanced seat life.
  • Disc stem engagement is achieved by a precision machined “Double D” engagement. This method provides all the advantages of one-piece stem/disc connection. Also eliminates any disadvantages associated with other methods of stem/disc engagement such as taper pins, disc retaining screws etc.
  • Superior Stem Retention System: stem is securely retained in the body with a stainless steel washer and a heavy-duty circlip, providing “Blow Out Proof” stem assembly. The design provides for easy on-site disassembly for quick seat replacement.
  • Double “O” rings moulded in the seat at the seat/disc/stem junction achieve reliable primary andsecondary sealing at the stem. Body/Flange sealing achieved by built-in O ring serving as a flange gasket.
  • All valves designed for installation between ANSI Class 125/150 flanges, DIN 2501 PN10/PN16 and BS10 Table D and E.
  • Top flange as per ISO 5211 for direct mounting of gear operators and actuators.


Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

Regent soft seat Butterfly Valves have centric disc construction, single piece body, and resilient seated seat in various materials of constructions to give a 100% tight shut-off in both directions of flow against vacuum and design pressure ratings of PN 1.0 and PN 1.6.

This series was designed to meet the stringent requirements for HVAC, Irrigation, OEM, Commercial and Institutional application and wherever positive shut-off is required for liquids, gases and slurries.

REGENT unique salient features of Resilient Seated values.

  • Unbreakable pressed steel levers.
  • Closed end body.
  • One piece shaft delivers positive disk to seat
    location with maximum strength.
  • Low and Stable Torque.

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