K Series (Cladded Body)

Sludges, Slurries, Powders, problems fluids that challenge today’s pulp and paper, chemical, textile, sewage plants, power plats and sugar mills. REGENT meets this challenge by refining the K-Series Knife Gate Valve. A precision-buffed knife plate cuts even the heaviest sludges, sharply and without erosion. One-piece trim provides corrosion-resistant, high-performance shut-off over a long service life. REGENT compact, lightweight Knife Gate Valves have been handling industry’s problem fluids dependable for many years. Perhaps it’s time they handled your…

valve details:
model k-sereis
operation handwheel / pneumatic
size 80 mm to 800 mm
valve type metal to metal, uni-directional
outer body & gland cover cast iron
inner body ss 304 / ss 316
gate material ss 304 / ss 316 / ss 316l
seat material ss 304 / ss 316 / ss 316l
bush aluminium phosphores bronze / en8
yoke mild steel epoxy coated
handwheel press steel, powder coated / c.i. epoxy coated
working pressure 2” to 10” 10bar, 12” to 16” 6bar, 18” 5 bar & 20” to 24” 4bar
end connection flange type suitable for bs 10 table ‘e’, pn10, ansi b16.5 class 150# , bs 10 table ‘d’
painting except for stainless steel components, all exteriors will be painted with blue epoxy paint.
actuator details:
barrel alluminium / stainless steel
end cover alluminium pressure die cast / c.i.
piston rod stainless steel
seals nitrile (viton on request)

regent has refined the time-proven knife gate design

  • tough, no-corrosive trims the stainless steel inner body is welded to the cast iron gland. the gland’spoly-vinyl chloride coating provides maximum resistance to corrosion and wear.
  • the stainless steel knife plate is precious-buffed for tight shut-off. its knife-like edge cuts off and shuts off even heavy or high-viscous fluids.
  • a choice of three different seat rings in addition to the standard stainless steel seat ring, rubber and teflon seat rings are available as options. choose the one best for your fluid control requirements.
  • plane value seat to resist build-up the plane surface of the value seat has no recesses to harbour heavy fluid deposits that could build up and swamp the value.
  • leaktight multilayer gland packing the gland packing is teflon-impregnated asbestos or vegetable yarn layered with moulded silicon rubber. this chemical-resistant packing provides total sealing.
  • bosses for positive seating two bosses are welded to the value seat. these press knife plate snugly against the side of the seat ring for bubble-tight shut-off.
  • smooth handwheel opening / closing the double-thread screw on the stem makes opening / closing smooth and speedy.