PFA Lined Butterfly Valve

valve details:
model pfa
operation lever / gear / pneumatic
size 50 mm to 300 mm
design short wafer type centric disc butterfly valve with pfa lined body
body cast steel / ductile iron / cf8 / cf8m
disc cast steel / ductile iron / cf8 / cf8m
seat ptfe
sleeve pfa
seat leakage tight shut off
temprature up to 200 0c (depending on moc)
pressure rating pn 10
actuator details:
methoud of transmission double rack and pinion type
actuation double acting- air to open, air to closed fail safe-stay put
body material extruded aluminium hard anodized
caps and rack allumimium pressure die cast
pinion en 8
seals buna- n
air pressure normal air supply pressure- 5kg/cm2
max. air supply pressure- 7kg/cm2
actuator design iso 5211 (actuator can be quickly and easilly mounting)
rotation 900 – quarter turn