The ball valve is a form of quarter turn valve which uses hallow to control the flow through it. The handle is supposed to be flat in alignment with the flow.

The ball valves are used to ease the work be it operational or repairing. Depending upon their design and material the industries goes for it usage. The Regent design two kind of ball valves which are:

Flench end ball valve
Scrud end ball valve

The assured quality, competitive price and customer care service is all Regent commit with their products.


Model : BVF
Vavle Design : 3 Piece Ball Valve
Size Range : 1/2″ to 12″
Body : CF 8 (S.S. 304), CF 8 M (S.S. 316), CAST STEEL ( WCB 216)
Ball : CF 8 (S.S. 304), CF 8 M (S.S. 316),
Stem : S.S. 316, S.S. 304
Seat And Seal : PTFE
Pressure Rating : 150 #
End Connection : Flanged End
Operation : Leaver / Gear / Actuator

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